Eligibility & Fee


1.  Corporate Group

  • Company with Hong Kong Business Registration
  • Original design created by either in-house or outsourced designers
  • Name of designer(s) should be acknowledged
  • Entries must be completed products.
  • All entries should be an original design and launched in the market for not more than two years from the date of closing entries (i.e. launched since 1 Mar 2014).


2.  Conceptual Group

  • To submit 2D sketching/ 3D rendering (JPEG)/ prototype that match Theme of the Year
   Student Division:
  • Full time student in Hong Kong education sectors / Hong Kong citizen studying overseas / part-time design student
  • All entries must be original design created by individual or group
  Creative Individuals:
  • ŸHong Kong citizen with HKID
  • No age limit restriction



 Entrant Group

 Early Bird Rate

 (Valid on or before 31 Jan 16)

 Regular Rate
 Corporate Group

 HKD 500

 per “Entry Category*

 HKD 800

 per “Entry Category* 
 Conceptual Group
 – Student Division
 N/A  Free

 Conceptual Group

 – Creative Individual Dividual


 HKD 300 (for 1 to 3 entries)



Corporate Group:

  • Each single design/product can only enter ONE entry category, multiple submission will be withdrawn from consideration
  • For Corporate Group, a company can submit 3 entries (products) in each category. i.e. maximum number of entries is 21 (3 products x 7 categories)


Conceptual Group:

  • A student/creative individual may submit up to maximum of 3 entries with the theme of "Health Living".