Product Aesthetic



  • Choice of materials, texture, finishing.
  • Form and shape, graphics, colors, surprise element.
  • Point-of-sales and packaging.


  • Showing strong sales potential.
  • Developing new market and/or new target group.
  • Illustrating strong project management skills.
  • Price and quality competitiveness.







Eco Friendliness

  • Showing design originality and product differentiation.
  • Special features/product material/technology that enhances the desirability, and often the appraisal value.
  • Unique message and design value of the product that enhance user satisfaction and benefit.
  • Generating Intellectual Property value (utility, design patent).


  • Address details of resource friendliness, sustainability, reparability, durability, recyclability and reusability.
  • Consideration of disposal problems.
  • Bearer of internationally recognized eco labels or certificates.








  • Solving user pain point and increasing user-friendliness.
  • Fulfilling all requirements of handling, usability, safety, and maintenance.
  • Visualization of intended use.